Custom Homes, Built to Suit

Our Building Process

Step 1

Planning and Designing Your Built-to-Suit Home

You will begin with choosing the site for your custom home in Serrano in El Dorado Hills. Once you have determined the size and layout that are perfect for you, Craig Wichert will introduce you to his team of architects, interior designers, landscape designers, and suppliers who will help you with your project. Craig Wichert will personally guide you through the design process to create the unique design that reflects your personality.

Step 2

Selecting the Building Materials for Your Custom Home

Selecting materials, finishes and fixtures from countless options can seem like an overwhelming task. We will guide you through the selection process to ensure that each detail of your custom home reflects your taste, lifestyle and needs; while attempting to stay within your budget.

Step 3

Construction & Supervision

Craig Wichert will personally handle every aspect of sub-contractor scheduling. He will be there to supervise the building process of your built-to-suit home from site preparation to the finishing trim. Wichert Homes uses only professional, experienced contractors we have been working with for years. Craig Wichert’s commitment to personal involvement and supervision makes Wichert Homes the Most Respected Custom Home Builder in the Sacramento region.

Step 4

Moving into Your Custom Home

Wichert Homes will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the finished work and fine details of your new built-to-suit home and that your custom home is indeed your dream home. Craig will walk you through your new home to give you recommendations for proper operation and maintenance so that you will fully enjoy your new dream home.

Step 5

Monitoring and Warranty

Clearly a defining characteristic that distinguishes a good home builder from an excellent home builder is the warranty. Craig Wichert has established a unique program to monitor the operation of your home. He will be there for you to make any necessary adjustments to your custom home in a timely manner.

Building Process

Services Provided

Services Wichert Homes provides before construction begins

At Wichert Homes, you are getting more than just a strong built set of walls. You are getting a home you will be proud of.

Our mission is to put customers first, by providing an enjoyable and exciting experience to our clients where you can rest assured knowing that we have you covered from beginning to end, and beyond. That is the Wichert Homes standard.

“I am extremely hands-on at every jobsite, visiting several times a day,” says Craig Wichert, owner of Wichert Homes. “We follow an organized system that takes our buyers from start to finish seamlessly.” Working with an interior design consultant from the start, Craig is personally onsite at every home several times a day. He works hand-in-hand with his architect and his longtime, loyal subcontractors throughout a smooth process that ensures clients are never overwhelmed.

The fact that Craig has been working with some of his subcontractors for more than 20 years speaks volumes of their trust and dedication to each other and their clients. “Each of my subcontractors is licensed and insured and they know my process and what’s expected with these houses,” Craig says. “They stand behind the quality of their finished product.”

It’s not enough, Craig knows, just to get the job done. It is therefore his honor and duty to take good care of his skilled subcontractors, fostering a shared commitment and optimal results for homeowners.

A high level of dedication and attention to detail have defined Craig Wichert’s 26 years of residential building. A Serrano community member for 21 years, Craig Wichert and Wichert Homes have built nearly 100 custom homes in Serrano. Craig is trusted for his personalized dedication to the community and his longstanding relationships with building professionals and municipal departments.

We keep things efficient. No cutting corners, no stalling, no compromises.

When taking on a project as complex as building a custom home, organization is key. We use an efficient system to take you from the initial lot purchase to the building of your home in as few steps as possible. We let you know important selection deadlines and timelines as soon as possible, saving you unnecessary headaches, wasted time, and capital.


By running multiple projects at once, utilizing the same incredible subcontractors, we are able to maximize the efficiency of our operations and pass those savings to our clients. Wichert Homes prides itself on our open-book policy, with transparency in our cost estimates throughout the process and no additional markups or surprises. You can feel confident knowing that you are receiving the fairest price possible. By building locally, Craig and Payton have multiple opportunities to be on-site personally. Every morning, afternoon, and wrap up at end of the day.